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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking Flight

Today we went to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. It is a great place to take kids or just to visit yourself. There is a lot to see and the museum is really neat. Lu is a little young for all of the air planes, but she still enjoyed looking at everything. The best thing is that it is free! I met two of my friends there and they each have a friend for Lu. They had a good time together. After we looked at all of the planes we went to the park near by. I brought lunch for LAS but managed to forget something for myself. Typical. We had such a great day. Maybe she has a future as a fighter pilot, who knows. At least she got some practice in. Getting ready for take off.

Playing with Drew and Natalie. This was her face when she saw the stairs. We were very excited.
Can I touch your face please?

I'm tired of being a pilot. Get me out.
Please look at this face pray for me in 15 years when she can put words with it. We may not even need any words, the face says a lot.Swingin'Hi Natalie. I like to play with you!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like an awesome day! Good weather, good friends, good children & good mommies!!!

Gaa Gaa

Susannah said...

Oh my gosh, Fran! That picture of her in the pilot seat is seriously ADORABLE! And the one where she is making the evil eye face-girl, you are going to have your work CUT OUT FOR YOU! She is so stinkin' precious! I can't believe she is only one year old-she seems so much older!

Lauren said...

Fran, she is just getting more and more adorable! She looks like she has so much personality. PS - good luck with that face :) I remember I was REALLY good at that face when I was 15, our poor Moms!