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Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm Weather, Finally

The weather has finally warmed up. I hope it stays that way for a while, not too hot though. Since it was finally nice enough to get outside and enjoy it, we headed to the zoo. Lucy likes it more and more each time we go. We stayed a long time, too long actually. We are working on two weeks without our pacifier during the day. I haven't mentioned it, because it didn't want to jinx it. It has gone really well. Sassy stays in the bed and if she wants it she has to be in bed. She was very addicted to it, so I was nervous. Knock on wood, it has gone great! But, a tired girl, past her nap time, in the car, no pacie: NOT FUN! We made it and I didn't give in, so I know next time will be better.

Lucy and Calvin posing in front of the tiger. They are flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding in April. Won't they be cute!

Smart girl. She had Calvin pushing her around the zoo.

Then they checked out the flamingos. Don't you wish you knew what they were laughing about.

Then Daddy had a photo shoot when she got out of the bath. This is one of our favorite times. She is usually really happy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, a few days late. I have a little cold, so I haven't felt like putting this post up. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Lucy got a few special treats from Momma M and Grandaddy and her Aunt Bess and Uncle Jason. She was pretty excited when she saw that balloon. Her school had a little party around lunch and we went to celebrate with everyone. She loves showing off her class and her friends. When we got there she said, "Bye Mommy." If only I could have dropped her off for a bit. Ha! Phillip and I don't do gifts, but we got a yummy dessert to split. It was a great day!

Checking out the loot. Momma M and Grandaddy sent money to ride the carousel. (She loves to ride Mike the Tiger) They also sent her some yummy cookies.

Aunt Bess and Uncle Jason sent her some princess chapstick. Lucy pretty much has not put it down since we opened it. Her first question when she wakes up, "Where's makeup Mommy?"

Some of her buddies from her class. They sit patiently until Ms. Sarah brings their plates. Amazing! Eating with her friends.

After lunch she and her friend, Vivienne, played guitar on the phones!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

23 Months

Today Lucy is 23 months old. Can't believe that she will be 2 in one month. I know everyone says it, but I truly feel like we were just in the hospital and meeting her for the first time. She is such a smart cookie. Today she was sitting on a pillow on the floor and trying to make it move. She looked at me and said, "Need wheels Mommy." She talks so much and always amazes us. So, for her 23 month birthday I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to go to the bookstore. We had a special treat and went and picked out a couple of books that she wanted. We played for a while and then, in typical toddler style, she took off running and then we promptly left. Just when you think you have control, they prove you wrong. Hopefully she learned her lesson and next she won't take off. I don't really have any new stats, since we haven't been to the doc in a while. Next month we will get them.

She always goes straight to the Dora books.

We played trains for a while.

And, when we got home, she made a giant tower with her blocks. She was very proud!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vet School Open House

Today we had a special visit from Momma M and Grandaddy. To say Lucy was excited would be an understatement. We got up and went to the open house held by the vet school at LSU. It was really cool. There were tons of animals everywhere. You could see where they performed surgery, treated animals, and lots of other things. If your child, or you, love animals it is great. The kids could also bring a stuffed animal and have the doctor treat it. It was too cute. We met our friends there and the kids really had a great time!

The Lucys loved the bunny rabbits. That is one of my Lucy's favorites.
We saw a lot of dogs and Lucy was not afraid of one of them. If they would have licked her on her face every time, she would have.

She did not like the cows.
But, can you see why? I stuck my had in a cow's stomach! In his actual stomach. I'm so glad that I did. Sometimes you just have to do it. (I really look puffy.)

We loved the horses!

We loved the calf...this one is only 2 weeks old. So cute!

Oh...and the mini horse. I could have taken him home. Lucy and Lucy talked to the goat for a while.
Then we visited the dog in rehab. Maybe if I got in there it would help with the puffiness.

And of course... we saw Mike the Tiger. I can't wait to take her to it next year!