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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas-Part Dos

For Christmas this year we went to Phillip's hometown of Abbeville. We had a great time. Lots of good food and family. The Skippers were way too good to us, as usual. We are a very blessed family. We had great time catching up with old friends too. Christmas morning was a lot of fun. LAS was very interested in the bows and boxes! I can't wait to see how next year will be. She will really be a blast! Thanks for such a great time. Hope everyone had a great Christmas too! She loved the Christmas tree!

With her Momma M. (Couldn't get it to rotate.)

Christmas morning. She loved her doll. I wish you could have heard her squeals!

Aunt Bess and Uncle Jason

The crew!
Getting excited for all of the wrapping paper.

She loved her drum. LAS is very musical! Visiting the Latimers
Such a talent and makes me nervous.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas- Part Uno

This past weekend my side of the family all made the trek to come see us! It was really fun hosting everyone. We just wish it could have been longer. I decided that everyone must wear a tacky Christmas sweater in order to receive any gifts. It was hilarious! Bo and Molly, my brother and sis-in-law, won by a landslide. They had hilarious footie pajamas. It was great. We had such a fun time. My grandmother really enjoyed her snuggie.
The mustaches were a joke for my uncle. We all had them.

Gaa Gaa

Even LAS had a tacky Christmas sweater.

Why do I feel like Phillip enjoys this look.

One day we are going to forget we dressed up to be funny and wonder what the heck we were thinking!Opening gifts!
The fam and their staches.

Brother in his pjs.

Her tacky sweater started to come apart so we had a wardrobe change.
Perfect present.

What a tacky family!

These two love each other! They were sharing Cheerios (and her juice cup). Then we had our first bubble bath. She loved it, if you can't tell.

And now what you all have been waiting for. She may kill me for doing this, but the amount time she spends on the computer is non-existent. This is all out of love! Mema is such a fun grandmother and sport! (Sorry it is sideways, but it sure is worth it!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I just want to dance!

So I have discovered that our little Lu loves to dance. Any time music begins to play she starts bouncing. A lot of times she holds onto something and sticks her bottom out and shakes it. I love that she loves to dance. I am horrible, but I don't think there is anything better to lift your spirits. The other day I was making up a song, because that is what I do these days, and she seemed to enjoy it. Hope you do too!

(I am thinking of copy writing the song, so don't get any ideas! Yes, I am saying it is time to change her diaper. Once she realized this there was no more dancing.)

We have gotten some great Christmas cards. I just love to see what everyone sends! I would love a cute something to display them, but the pantry door will have to do for now. I stop and look at them everytime I walk by. I love it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ornament Idea

This weekend I made a cute Christmas ornament that I am giving all of the grandparents and LAS's great-grandmother. They are dough Christmas ornaments. I remember making them as a child. I cut out circles and did Lu's hand print. They turned out pretty good, for homemade. You can also cut out Christmas shapes, or do whatever you like. It is very easy. Here is the recipe:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup salt

Mix together and then knead the dough. You may knead the dough for about 10 minutes to get it to the right consistency. It shouldn't be too sticky or it won't work. Make sure you flour up your hands before you get too messy. Roll flat on some wax paper and then just cut into your shapes. Bake on 250 for 2 hours. Once they are cooled you can paint them. I used acrylic spray paint just to seal it and make it shiny. PS-Tip, use a straw to cut out the circle for the string.

This is how ours turned out. The recipe made four ornaments. I used a Sharpie to write her name and year.

Then Phillip thought that it would be fun for her to play with a frozen loaf of bread. She loved it. I wish you could have heard her squealing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus... and I am scared!

Today Phillip and I took LAS to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. If you have kids this is a great place to take them. It is really organized and they have a great set up! You also get a free 4 x 5. You go and get a ticket for the time to come back in line so you don't have to wait. The kids a thoroughly entertained there. So much to see!! Our friends Nathan and Margaret came and brought baby A. He did great, Lu on the other hand. The minute we walked away from her and Santa she screamed. I think the picture is great though. After we did a little Christmas shopping (we are done now!) we went to eat at McAllister's. My friends Amy and Justin went too since they don't live too far. It was a lot of fun to hang out! Maybe Santa won't be so scary next year.
We did find one thing that she liked...
Waiting in line with the crazy people. :)

Girl loves a four wheeler! She was extremely excited about this.
Doesn't love Santa as much as the four wheeler.

Great Santa though!

Friday, December 11, 2009

9 Month Stats

Today was an eventful day. It started off by taking Miss L to her 9 month check up. Everything checked out great! She weighs 17 lbs 12 oz (35th percentile), is 28 1/2 inches tall (80th percentile), and her head is big (80th percentile). She is long and lean, like her mother used to be. Still working on the kangaroo pouch that used to hold her. I feel like that is a good name for it. LAS might be advanced, but mommy isn't. When we left I got a flat tire. I had no bottle, nothing. Luckily these nice people that work with Phillip came and helped me change it. When I drove off I looked and saw a sign that said "State Prisoners at Work." Good thing I saw that after I was sitting in the car for 30 minutes! All in all, a pretty successful day. Lu only got one shot and handled herself very well. She even walked for Dr. Brandy and she was very impressed. Tomorrow we see Santa. We will let you know how it goes.
I finally caught her walking on video. I swear it was one of the hardest things to catch. Here she is...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Target Give Away!!!

My friend over at The Edwards Edition has had her 100th post. To celebrate she is giving away a Target gift card. Check out her awesome site for details. Good luck to everyone. I can think of a lot of ways to use a Target gift card. Can you?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 Months Old

Wow! LAS is 9 months old. I can't believe it. She is so full of personality and is just as sweet as she can be. We went to the mall today for a little Christmas shopping and at least 4 people came up to us while we were eating telling me how cute she is and what a happy baby she is. They are right, for the most part ;) . We just need to get this other top tooth through and we will be back to normal.

You are 9 months old and this is what you are doing:

* You have taken 3 steps.

* You have no fear.

* You love to see your daddy walk through the door!

* You got your 3rd tooth on Dec. 4 and are getting the 4th any day.

* You love to cuddle.

* You are pretty much done with baby food and are eating most of what we are eating.

* You love to eat and like everything!

* You love Cheerios.

* You love your teddy bears and give them hugs and kisses all of the time.

* You love to push your little car around the house.

* You sleep much better. Most of the time you sleep through the night. Thank you!

* You have had one ear infection.

* You go to music and gym classes once a week.

* You love music.

* You can clap, wave goodbye, and give a high five.

* You have been to two Auburn football games (not actually inside) and one Auburn basketball game.

* You still love bath time and are now in the big tub.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Lot of Catching Up to Do

So, I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. Well, 1) it was Thanksgiving and we were gone for a week and without our computer 2) my friend Gina was here the next week and I just didn't do anything 3) our computer is on the brink of dying and everytime I try to do something it takes forever! I going to catch everyone up on all that has been going on the best I can. I won't bore you with words and just get to the good stuff. I am starting with Thanksgiving and working my way up. Please don't stop reading, I promise to be better.

First Auburn Basketball Game: Using the clapper: War Eagle! With her Aunt Molly

with Aubie and Pops
Her favorite Tiger
The fam at the game

Thanksgiving Day: Beautiful tablePhillip?Nice leg. Are we at the fair?

Post meal. Thanks for the help guys. Don't worry, we got it.

Auburn vs. Alabama:

Tiger walk
When the cheeleaders came by they all gave her a high five. It was so cute!
Love this pic of Aubie!
Fun day with the family!
Our friends Jeff and Lisa brought their son Keller over to play. They had that cute tiger beanie made for Lu! He is adorable!
We also put up the tree. Weird picture.

Some one is very interested.

LAS has outgrown the bath duck, but sure thought it was a great toy to climb on. She thought she was very funny!
Ok, so I almost have everything. I am going to take a break. I hear some one starting to stir.