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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NOLA Aquarium

Today we took a day trip to the New Orleans Aquarium with some friends. We had a great time and Lucy loved looking at the fish. She said her favorite animal at the aquarium was the fish. I guess that is what we were there to see. She also liked the jellyfish. It was nice to do something a little different and fun to do with a friend. By the way: the pacifier issue is going very well. We really only had one day that was hard. She doesn't even ask for it. Although, she doesn't take a nap every day now.

Checking out the fish with her friend Tate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bye Bye Sassy

Today we said goodbye to the Sassy (pacifier). We have already done it once, but some how they returned. This time we are done. I told her a few weeks ago that we were going to send them to someone that didn't have pacis and she could choose who she wanted to have them. She chose my parents' dogs and my aunt's dog. So today we wrote them a letter, colored it, put them in a bag, and took them to the post office. She picked out some pretty envelopes and then we gave them to the postman. If she does well this week we will go pick out a toy on Friday. So far, no nap. So this should be interesting. I'm preparing for a long few days. Now I have to go through the house and find any stragglers.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mini Vacay

This past week we took one last trip to visit my folks before I can't travel any more. We had a great trip, but it went by way too quickly. My uncle and cousin came from NY and two of my friends from high school came from Charleston. We did a lot of laughing and even more eating. It was bitter sweet leaving. Hard to believe that the next time we go back we will have another child. Yikes!
First we spent the day on Fernandina Beach.
Lucy loved finding shells to take back to Meme and Pops.

Then we ate dinner Lowcountry style! Nothing better than a Beaufort Boil, boiled peanuts, cracker salad, and beer (for non pregnant people).

Two of the best friends!
My husband is special.

We spent the next day at the neighborhood pool. It felt awesome and we took full advantage of the Tiki Hut. We shared a strawberry daiquiri. I didn't get too much because someone loves a frozen drink!
She said she was going to get her flip flops and came back with this. I don't know if you can tell, but it is a fly swatter that says "Shoe Fly" and has flip flop on the end of a stick. She was walking around with it forever. We all had a good laugh.

That night we all got together again. We ate plenty of leftovers and played some pretty fun games. It was a blast!

The Morrissey brothers and sister...minus Mike. (Why didn't I get their tan skin?)

Me, mom, Gina

Grace, Emily, Pat, and Anne (the Yankees)

Helping Ms. Kerri get ready.

Then we played Headbandz. It is from the 80s and a lot of fun. You have to wear the card on your head and try and figure out what it is by asking questions. Basically like 20 questions. Dad didn't know they had a card with his name on it. Hehehe! Complete coincidence that he picked that card.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cookie Monster

Today was Lu's first day in her new class, the Cookie Monsters. In this class she will have two teachers and more friends to play with. They have a gerbil and fish and lots of activities. I have been pretty nervous about her switch because she loves her other teacher Ms. Sarah. She did great though and walked right in and washed her hands and sat down and played play dough. I was so happy. She is usually a crier, so you can imagine my excitement when she did that. I'm sure the play dough helped. We have been talking about it for a while and trying to get her excited.

Ready for her first day...

She was pretty excited! When I picked Lucy up she had a good report. No crying all day and she said she had fun. She ran straight to show me her picture that she colored. Then she showed me around her classroom. Instead of eating in their class, they go to the cafeteria. Such a big girl. Instead of sleeping in a crib, they sleep on nap mats. She seems a little tired, so that might take some getting used to. I hope next drop off goes as well as today!

Showing off her artwork.

and she showed off the class pet.

Balloon Festival

Baton Rouge has a great hot air balloon festival each year. This year it was rained out both afternoons. I was bummed because I was really looking forward to getting up close and walking around them. We did get up early and watch them on Saturday morning. I'm so glad that we did. It was quite a sight to see the sky filled with the balloons. Lu was beyond excited. She kept saying each one was her favorite and wanted to count all of them. I know she will love it next year when she can get close to them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discovery Zone

Today I took Lu to a children's museum near by. Well, it actually is about an hour away. It was fun. I had heard about it and have been wanting to take her. It takes her a little while to warm up to things, but she really liked it. I think we will have to go back. We didn't last as long as I wanted, but this Mom got hungry!

The bubble room was a hit!

This girl loves trains!

Future doctor, maybe?

or cashier? She liked that just as much.

Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend Phillip's parents came in town and we went to the circus. It was a lot of fun. Lucy liked the circus, for the most part. She said that she liked the elephants and horses. We thought it was really good. Some the acts were pretty amazing. Phillip and I enjoyed it just as much as Lu did. I think next year will go even better. It was a great weekend!

If you went an hour before the circus you could go in the ring and meet the clowns and they brought the animals out to do some tricks. We even danced with Momma M....

And ate cotton candy for the first time!