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Thursday, September 27, 2012


RWS had his first taste of spaghetti and I think he liked it! Lu loves spaghetti and salad, so I hope he learns from his sister. He is a little pickier than she is. I can tell that is going to be our battle with him. Nothing like the first spaghetti pictures!
 Look at that finger. Phillip said it looked like he was eating a carrot!
 She was being silly.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Silly Skeletons

The Skipper kids are ready for Halloween. They have matching skeleton pjs that glow in the dark. They are so cute. We are a little early, but I couldn't help it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer, Round 2

It took a lot of coaxing to get our girl on the field today. Learn how to play a team sport is one more hard thing to teach. She cried for the first 10 minutes and then pretty much walked hand in hand with the other little girl that plays on her team. Hustle was not in her vocabulary today. We still had fun watching. Her team won about 10-1. They are really good, too bad the Y doesn't keep score.

 See, hand in hand.
 At least he was happy.

Friday, September 21, 2012

No More Thumb

First, the little guy sat at the kids table for a snack today. It was so cute. I think he thought he was pretty big stuff. What a little chunker!

 We are really proud to say that Lu no longer sucks her thumb. As a reward we told her she could get a bounce house. Word to the wise, check prices before you make promises. So now that is also what RWS is getting for his 1st birthday. We got it last night and set it up in the den. They both loved it! I think it is going to be something they will enjoy for a long time.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

11 Months

I feel like I just wrote the 10 month update! The big guy is 11 months old! First birthday preparations are underway and makes me a little teary. He grows daily. He probably weighs 22 lbs (haven't been to the doc) and just keeps getting taller. Still no walking, but he has taken a couple of steps on his own. I think that he just prefers to crawl from place to place. One thing that he loves to do is CLIMB! He climbs on everything. Lu never really did that. You can't take your eyes off of Wally before he is on top of something, which then he can't get down. He eats pretty much what we eat, but enjoys me feeding it to him. He has 4 teeth and another one making its way. He wears 12 months clothing most days, but can wear 18 months comfortably. He has a size 4 shoe and diaper. I would say his favorite things right now are anything with wheels. The child loves a car and loves to make the vrrrrooom sound. He says a few words, but not too many. RWS just learned how to drink with a straw! He can use a sippy cup and loves to dance. He's still a happy guy, except when hungry *danger*. My favorites are how he and Lucy interact. They belly laugh and light up when they see each other. The other day Lucy asked me about Heaven (a whole other story) and she said she didn't want to go to Heaven right now because she just wanted to play with her brother. She is so great with him and always wants to help. I'm so proud of my kiddos!

 No more pictures!
 Pic by Lu (horrible)
 Loves to play in the cabinet
 Busted! Trying to climb around the baby gate to go upstairs.
 Lucy was playing library. Thought it was cute.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Soccer Game and a Visit

This weekend Lucy had her first soccer game. She plays for the Black Knights. They won their first game 3-1. She was a little shy on the field, but one time dribbled the ball almost all the way from one side to the other. She was exhausted. Bless those coaches, it is chaotic out there. It was so fun to watch. We also had a visit from Momma M and Grandaddy. It was so fun to be with them and I'm so glad they could see Lu play her first game. She was VERY excited. We had a great time and can't believe that we have a child old enough to play "organized" sports.
Ready for game time.
 Reynolds and Momma M
 Proud of our soccer star.
 Taking it down the field
 Getting some guidance from Coach.

 This is hard work!
 Some one has discovered the one cabinet that is not locked.
 Lucy sandwich
 She took her brother for a little ride. He LOVED it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gulf Port

This weekend we went to visit P's best friend who is about to move to Gulf Port. They have a little girl who is almost exactly one year younger than Lu. They ran in circles for about 4 hours straight. I think that they might like living near each other. I know I'm excited! We had a great day, except for the Auburn football that we watched. Better luck this weekend!
 The Gang of Monsters
 Oreo bandits

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Homework

Lu had her first homework!! I know, it seems so crazy. They were learning how to write the letter A and brought a practice sheet home with here. She really liked doing it. We went to the dollar store and picked out special pencils and erasers for homework. I can't believe how big she is getting!

First Soccer Practice

Today was Lu's first soccer practice. To say she was excited would be an understatement. There are three girls on the team and they immediately took to each other. We only had a short practice because it started storming. When we left she asked if we could come back tomorrow. I think that we have a little athlete on our hands.
 The girls were all holding hands while listening to the coach.
So cute!

 The introduction to team sports is going to be interesting.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chewacala State Park

While we were in Auburn we took Lu to Chewacala State Park. Phillip had been dying to show her the waterfall. She loved putting her feet in and hiking. We had such a great time looking at the rocks and getting our feet wet. She did pretty well hiking, which was surprising. She usually likes to be carried every where when Daddy is around. Can we say Daddy's Girl!!
 We made it to the waterfall!
 Getting our feet wet.
 The overlook.
While we were at my brother's house my mom bathed Reynolds in the kitchen sink. Lu thought it was hilarious and insisted that her bath be there too. It was quite comical to see her getting her back in the tiny sink.

 And RWS loved Dansby. He kept laying his head on her and giving her hugs. It was really sweet. She is the BEST dog!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yay for Football Season

War Eagle! This weekend we went to the Auburn/Clemson game in ATL and had a great time. Just would have liked to have a win, but oh well. We got to see P's sister and husband and had so much fun with them. Can't wait to meet the little one they are expecting in January. We had a great weekend and are so excited that it is football season again. Yay!!
War Eagle Cow!
 Skippers and the Weeks
 Game Time
 The Toomer's trees are looking pretty sad.