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Friday, October 21, 2011

He's Here!

Reynolds is officially here, healthy, and home! We had a great birth experience and it went really fast. I was done in time for lunch. He is the cutest little guy. We are still trying to figure out who he looks like.

Lucy got a tricycle from Momma M and Grandaddy for being a big sister. She can fly on that thing.

We got to the hospital at 2 am.

and a few short hours later, he arrived. He was 7lbs 10.5oz and 21 1/2in long. Just perfect!

Proud Daddy!Big sister came and all of his grandparents! (Lucy holding him for the first time.) Momma M and Grandaddy were here...

and Meme and Pops too!First picture of our family of four.

They have cute matching shirts.
About to go home.

Welcoming her brother home.

Lucy and Momma M decorated the door for his arrival.She drew this picture at school.

Being a good big sis and reading him a book.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Pinterest Project

I LOVE pinterest and all of the fun ideas you can do with your kids. We did a Halloween craft today. I figure I better do it before the baby comes or it probably won't happen. I have gotten a couple of ideas for her class treats on there too. Easy stuff to do and so cute! If you haven't checked it out, you need to.

Happy Halloween!

After we made her footprints, we waited for them to dry. Then we glued the moon, eyes, and mouth on. I think they turned out cute.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well, we were hoping this day would never come. Baton Rouge is the home of LSU and now our daughter, our own flesh and blood, says she wants to go there when she is older. Phillip explained to her that her Grandaddy and all of her aunts and uncles went to Auburn and we want her to go there. She said she did not want to go to Auburn and she wanted to go to LSU because it made her happy. She also wants to be with Mike the Tiger. So, heartbroken parents right here. The only silver lining is we won't be here forever and hopefully she will grow out of the horrible purple and gold phase! :) Although, she and Daddy had a blast tailgating yesterday with her best buddy, Amelia. Those girls act crazy when they are together. Maybe they don't need to go to the same college.

Dancing like crazy girls! Evidently they ate the heck out of some strawberries. Then they figured out they could wear them like a ring.

Looking for Mike the Tiger.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost There

I haven't really taken too many pictures of me during this pregnancy. I thought that I would show my family, that is kind of far, what I look like these days. One week from Monday I will be induced, unless he decides to appear before then. It is really funny how different your pregnancies can be. With this one I am much more of a ball, straight out. My doctor said my belly is text book BOY! With Lucy I got much wider. Sorry to torture you all, but I thought the fam needed an update. They also needed a picture to go with all of the complaining! :)

Not bad, and then I turn to the side. If you think that looks like it hurts, it does. Any guesses at what his size will be? At 35 weeks he was 5 lbs 15oz. That is just the 50 %. I think he is pretty long. I'm going close to 8 lbs.

Game Day!!! War Eagle!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Projects

If you haven't been to Hobby Lobby lately you need to go. All of their fall stuff is 40% off and Halloween is 30% off. I found some really cute little projects Lu and I can do at home. They had some great stuff. I got a few decorations and, of course, candy corn. That is one of my favorite things about fall. I think Lucy has taken after me too. When she woke up this morning she asked for some "corn". We had a good time making some things yesterday. The good thing is packages came with several, so it will last a while. I figured we are going to be stuck in the house for a while and we needed some things to do.

Here are some of the things I got for us to try...

We really liked putting the house together. I glued it on a big piece of paper so she could decorate around it. Now we can hang it up.

We painted masks.

Mom even made one. And we are a little early, but we can always share what we are thankful for. The package came with a lot of cards to fill out and stickers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ahh, We Can Breathe Again

We are all enjoying the weather around here. Even though it is still in the 80s, it sure is a nice change from the suffocating summer. Lucy has gotten out and we have learned how to peddle our trike all by our self. It's not the best tricycle, and the peddles slide a little, so that makes it difficult sometimes. She has done great though. We even are getting into the fall spirit and painted some pumpkins today. She picked them out with her Dad on their date and today we made them pretty to surprise him. Lu said," Daddy is going to be so proud of me." He will be!

She insisted on the helmet at first.

It didn't last long. She was very proud of herself!

Of course we had to have pink. Most things are pink these days.

This pumpkin painting business is very intense. She did take it very seriously.

Then, maybe we got a little bored.