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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well, we were hoping this day would never come. Baton Rouge is the home of LSU and now our daughter, our own flesh and blood, says she wants to go there when she is older. Phillip explained to her that her Grandaddy and all of her aunts and uncles went to Auburn and we want her to go there. She said she did not want to go to Auburn and she wanted to go to LSU because it made her happy. She also wants to be with Mike the Tiger. So, heartbroken parents right here. The only silver lining is we won't be here forever and hopefully she will grow out of the horrible purple and gold phase! :) Although, she and Daddy had a blast tailgating yesterday with her best buddy, Amelia. Those girls act crazy when they are together. Maybe they don't need to go to the same college.

Dancing like crazy girls! Evidently they ate the heck out of some strawberries. Then they figured out they could wear them like a ring.

Looking for Mike the Tiger.


Ladybug said...

Dear Lucy,
I am writing this to you from the future. You will not go to LSU. You, instead, have an epiphany at your Junior Prom when you are dancing with Lewis "Snackie" Presnell. While you two are doing the latest dance craze to an 'oldie' by Maroon 5, you realize that you can only be happy in one place: Auburn University. I have probably already said too much and changed the future by telling you this. Lord knows, I'd rather sway you toward the University of Alabama. But, the only thing that would make your mother cry harder than telling her you're going to LSU would be you showing her that tattoo you get on your Senior Trip to Belize.
Much Love,
Future Mrs. Janet

Anonymous said...

She'll go to Auburn, no dobut!
looks like the girls wre having a great time!!

Gaa Gaa