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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost There

I haven't really taken too many pictures of me during this pregnancy. I thought that I would show my family, that is kind of far, what I look like these days. One week from Monday I will be induced, unless he decides to appear before then. It is really funny how different your pregnancies can be. With this one I am much more of a ball, straight out. My doctor said my belly is text book BOY! With Lucy I got much wider. Sorry to torture you all, but I thought the fam needed an update. They also needed a picture to go with all of the complaining! :)

Not bad, and then I turn to the side. If you think that looks like it hurts, it does. Any guesses at what his size will be? At 35 weeks he was 5 lbs 15oz. That is just the 50 %. I think he is pretty long. I'm going close to 8 lbs.

Game Day!!! War Eagle!!!


Ladybug said...

Girl! That's how Ollie was!

I just wanted some sort of harness to pull that puppy back up there. :)

You look great, by the way. Which is ridiculous.

M. Congleton said...

Can't wait to meet him!!!!!!