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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas day was pretty quiet. Santa had already visited and most of the cousins had already gone to visit other family. We had a great day playing with our new toys and just taking it easy. It was a really great day!
We spent a lot of time coloring the wagon box.

Then we did some makeshift sledding. Daddy took a turn.

Mommy took a turn.

and Mommy didn't make it far.

Lu was so worried and she came running over to check on me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas - afternoon edition

After the present-palooza we ate a great breakfast/lunch and played. We said goodbye to some family and played some more. I don't think Lucy had a nap that day, so it was a long one.

We tested out the plasma car, and loved it!

Took a family shot.

Baby Evans got a wagon from Santa and let us use it while he went out of town. What a sweetie! That thing is the Cadillac of all wagons.

Merry Christmas

*Warning* Lots of Pictures!*
For Christmas, this year, we went to my family's house in South Carolina. Lucy and I were away for almost two weeks. It was so great to visit family and celebrate together. It was nice to be home though. My aunt and uncle are so nice and open their home to everyone, and I mean everyone. It was great! We live so far now, so spending that time is very special. We got to see all of the cousins and my parents. It was really fun to see how excited Lu was about what Santa brought her. To say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Santa went a little overboard and she would have bee happy with chap stick and packing peanuts. We had a great time though.

Wow! Look what Santa brought Lu! She was excited. The baby bottle was one of her favorites. And she loved the dog, which she has named Brooke, after our dog that now lives with Meme and Pops.

Oooh, there's more in here.
Practicing for her future as a doctor.
Trying out her new plasma car. Still pretending that she is a baby. Santa should have stuck to shopping at the dollar store.

Mema might get a date for Christmas! Ha! Notice the sticker.

Lucy went straight to playing baby with the new highchair she got. Let me tell you that snowman sings and we can now all repeat the song that it sings. Thanks SuSu and Warren for sending it back with us. Tearing into some presents. Having fun with Bobo and Molly! Mema and her Great-grands.

Holding baby Evans was just as good as any Christmas present to Lucy. She was in heaven! Then she saw his bottle and had to feed him. Poor thing was squeezed a little too tightly for his liking.

Such a little mommy. What a great day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Want To

This weekend our AWESOME friend, Gina, came to town. We have had such a great time with her. We got all dressed up and went to see Santa one day. Lucy was pretty excited about it and was planning on telling him she wanted a sucker for Christmas. Then, we saw him. I had to sit with them because Lucy was not comfortable with sitting on his lap. She cried the whole time. Santa never heard her say that she wanted to get a sucker, so I guess we will see. Gina and I did some shopping and we got to go to dinner. Sunday we went to church, where we joined, and then to New Orleans for the day. We saw our good friend from high school, John Mark. We have had such a good time. Lucy LOVES some Gina. She has had such a blast.
Sorry they are sideways. She seemed ready for Santa.

Then it was our turn. She was not too happy about it! She said "No want to." This is her favorite thing to say when she doesn't want something.
So cool playing with Gina in the car.

Phillip felt really bad about having a baby on Bourbon Street, so we left. Good idea!
Eating beignets with Gina. This is her cheese face. It looks like she is not happy, but she is.

Gina, John Mark, and Me. (The prom date '98, whoop whoop)

Lucy loved playing with Gina's scarf. She wanted to wrap it around her like this. She is so funny.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Present

"My present" is what Lucy says about every gift she sees. Today we did a gift exchange with her friend Lucy. I told her that the present was for Lucy T., and if she waited, she would have one of her own. I was amazed that she actually understood me and could not wait to give Lucy T. her present. When we saw them she ran right up to LT and gave her the present. Of course she wanted her own immediately. We also got a surprise in the mail from Phillip's cousin. She got an adorable ladybug raincoat and an Auburn cheerleading outfit. Lucy still hasn't taken the ladybug coat off. It was an awesome surprise. Thanks Jackie!!! We also went to music class, which has been done for a few weeks. We sure missed it! Can't wait to start back.

Loving our raincoat and matching backpack. She is very proud of it! Not sure if this is more embarrassing more me or Lucy, but she really wanted to wear it.

Gettin' down in music class. The child really loves to jam out. Always wants to be in the center of everyone.
Lucy and Lucy cleaning up for Ms. Sonia.

Then off to lunch and to exchange presents.

Lucy T. tore into her present. She is going to have a blast the Christmas. They love eachother! My Lucy said, "Thank you Lucy, present." So sweet.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mrs. Claus

Today we went to the library to see Mrs. Claus. I always get a little anxious before taking her to the library because she is a little too high energy for her surroundings. I gave her a good talk before we got there and then again when we were inside and she did great. First we had a surprise visit from Silly the Clown. Lucy actually really liked her, especially when she brought her dog out. She did some magic tricks and sang a couple of songs. Then Mrs. Claus came with her elf. We got to go before the school group that was there, which was good. We weren't going to last much longer. I didn't think that Lu was going to sit in Mrs. Claus' lap, but I told her should would get a sticker and she ran right up to her. Lucy told her she wanted a hat and a dog. When I asked her if she wanted a big or a little dog, she said "Daddy." This is so typical. Everything we do is for Daddy. When we play, we always include Daddy, so of course if we could have a dog it would be a Daddy dog.

Silly the Clown We wouldn't take the hat off inside.

Mrs. Claus and her elf Sitting on Mrs. Claus' lap. Still can't believe she did it!

Then our friends came over for dinner. I made butternut squash soup and it took all day. I hope everyone enjoyed it, because I won't be doing it again. The Lucys ate a great dinner at their very own table.
Such big girls!