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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

*Warning* Lots of Pictures!*
For Christmas, this year, we went to my family's house in South Carolina. Lucy and I were away for almost two weeks. It was so great to visit family and celebrate together. It was nice to be home though. My aunt and uncle are so nice and open their home to everyone, and I mean everyone. It was great! We live so far now, so spending that time is very special. We got to see all of the cousins and my parents. It was really fun to see how excited Lu was about what Santa brought her. To say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Santa went a little overboard and she would have bee happy with chap stick and packing peanuts. We had a great time though.

Wow! Look what Santa brought Lu! She was excited. The baby bottle was one of her favorites. And she loved the dog, which she has named Brooke, after our dog that now lives with Meme and Pops.

Oooh, there's more in here.
Practicing for her future as a doctor.
Trying out her new plasma car. Still pretending that she is a baby. Santa should have stuck to shopping at the dollar store.

Mema might get a date for Christmas! Ha! Notice the sticker.

Lucy went straight to playing baby with the new highchair she got. Let me tell you that snowman sings and we can now all repeat the song that it sings. Thanks SuSu and Warren for sending it back with us. Tearing into some presents. Having fun with Bobo and Molly! Mema and her Great-grands.

Holding baby Evans was just as good as any Christmas present to Lucy. She was in heaven! Then she saw his bottle and had to feed him. Poor thing was squeezed a little too tightly for his liking.

Such a little mommy. What a great day!

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