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Thursday, December 9, 2010

21 Months Olds and Decking the Halls

Today is Lucy's birthday! Happy 21 months to my little "Goose". Do you realize that she will be 2 years old in three months?!? Seriously, where have these two years gone? She is such an amazing little girl! She cracks me up, drives me crazy, and makes me feel so loved. Her Daddy and I are already so proud.
Lucy you are 21 months are you...
*weigh 23 lbs 6oz. Yes, she is on the small side. She eats like a horse though.
*are 33 inches long . You are almost a full inch longer than you were at 18 months. Wow!
*take one nap a day.
*wear a size 4 diaper, still.
*wear a size 12 months pants and 18-24 months top
*wear a size 6 shoe.

*go to bed at 8 and get up about 6:30 (if we're lucky, still not the best sleeper)
*LOVE dogs, most all animals actually.
*squeal at the top of your lungs when you see your Daddy.
*know, and can name, almost all of your colors.
*can count to 4, sometimes higher.
*everything you see is "That's Daddy's_______" We love Daddy!
*say "I love you Mommy" when we cuddle. My favorite!
*talk all of the time. You have a HUGE vocabulary. Don't really know how many words you have.
*love your babies. You love to feed them, put them to bed, read to them.
*love to sing "Ring around the Roses"
*LOVE to dance.

*LOVE to play music.

*really enjoy putting together your puzzles.
*like to put things in a line. Dolls, books, puzzles, stuffed animals, are always in a line. OCD, maybe?

*definitely have a personality! I think you are going to be a leader.
*are very loved by your Mommy and Daddy.
And now we are ready for Christmas. When we got back from Thanksgiving we put our tree up and all of our decorations. Lu has been great with minding and staying away from the tree. I really only had to tell her once or twice. She loves turning on the lights and getting a treat from her Advent calendar. I'm hoping that she will like Santa this year, but my guess is that he will terrify her. I will let you.
Helping with the Christmas tree.
We even had hot coco.

Her very own tree.

Finished product!
We do not do matching ornaments on our tree. Most of them have a special meaning. We always get an ornament every time we travel somewhere new. It usually is something that is pretty cheesy that represents that place. I love our tree, because it is so fun to talk about each ornament when we are decorating. I added the ribbon this year to class it up a bit.


kristen said...

Those bathtub pictures are ADORABLE! Good luck with Santa...O has screamed the last two years. Hoping for smiles this year. Our tree is the same way. We get an ornament every time we go somewhere too and I love looking at what we've collected over the years.

Susannah said...

Love the tree, but most of all I love her little mischievous expression in the first bath tub one! She looks like a handful! She and Emma would tear it UP!

The Skippers said...

She has a really good "What?! I wasn't doing anything" face. If she and E go to Auburn at the same time, they may get into the trouble we would have. The may drive us to drink...a lot. Pure Sass.

kristen elaine said...

I love your tree! All of our ornaments have meaning like that too! And I love Lucy's hair in the first pic:) I cannot believe it's almost been TWO years!!!

Anonymous said...

The tree is pretty and I live the idea she has her own little tree. I bet it was fun decorating. Love the bathtub pics.

Gaa Gaa