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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Present

"My present" is what Lucy says about every gift she sees. Today we did a gift exchange with her friend Lucy. I told her that the present was for Lucy T., and if she waited, she would have one of her own. I was amazed that she actually understood me and could not wait to give Lucy T. her present. When we saw them she ran right up to LT and gave her the present. Of course she wanted her own immediately. We also got a surprise in the mail from Phillip's cousin. She got an adorable ladybug raincoat and an Auburn cheerleading outfit. Lucy still hasn't taken the ladybug coat off. It was an awesome surprise. Thanks Jackie!!! We also went to music class, which has been done for a few weeks. We sure missed it! Can't wait to start back.

Loving our raincoat and matching backpack. She is very proud of it! Not sure if this is more embarrassing more me or Lucy, but she really wanted to wear it.

Gettin' down in music class. The child really loves to jam out. Always wants to be in the center of everyone.
Lucy and Lucy cleaning up for Ms. Sonia.

Then off to lunch and to exchange presents.

Lucy T. tore into her present. She is going to have a blast the Christmas. They love eachother! My Lucy said, "Thank you Lucy, present." So sweet.


Becky said...

She is so cute. I love the lady bug raincoat and backpack!

ml said...

So cute. AND LOL at the bra!!!