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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hanging Around

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have dropped the ball, big time. We have an iPad and I feel like I never use the actual computer anymore. This summer has been very busy and we have enjoyed getting out and playing in the HOT weather.

 I love matching outfits!!!
 Lu likes to hitch a ride with her brother. He thinks it's hilarious.
 Flying kites.
 Playing with his buddy Gracie. She is 3 days older.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day was such a great day! We celebrated our favorite guy. Phillip works so hard at his job and at being a dad. We have it pretty good and thank God every day for blessing us with this man! We spent the weekend together and had a great time relaxing and hanging out. No more traveling!!

Dad started the weekend taking Lu to Donuts with Dad at her school. She was pretty excited.

 Just hanging with Dad.
 Of course Sissy had to get in on the action. Silly girl!
 We tried out his present, an electric wine opener. So cool, except the battery died mid-cork..
 so we had to plug it in to finish the job. I thought is was so funny to have our wine bottle plugged in.
 Our Dad is the best!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

8 Months Old

Today RWS turned 8 months old. I think that month 7 brings a lot of changes for a baby. He is doing so much more than last month. He is literally days away from crawling. He is constantly on all fours and just started trying to move his hands. About to take off! Reynolds has discovered his voice, and boy is it loud. He decided to do this on a plane ride when it was just me and the kids...thanks. He is still a happy guy, only fussing when he is tired or hungry. He is loving being able to finally get to things by rolling around and, of course, by using his walker. When Reynolds gets in the walker he take off! He chases Lucy, can play with her, and discover all of the toys.
He weighs a lot, not sure exactly because we haven't been to the doc lately. Probably about 22 lbs. He wears 9months clothing. Drinks 6 oz of formula now, no more nursing. He wakes up about 5 and eats a little and then sleeps until 6:30 or 7. His shoe size is up in the air because is foot is so fat across the top I can't get them into any. He eats very well, shocking I know. We have made it through most fruits and veggies and have started on the meats. I made his food for the first two months, but I have hung up the food processor.
This guy brightens our day and we can't imagine life without his sweet disposition. 

 He is having so much fun being able to finally reach things.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swim Lessons

This week Lucy started swim lessons at our local Y. The first day was great! She put her face under, jumped in, and was super excited about it. Well, it has kind of gone down hill since. The past two days she has screamed and won't jump in. She loves the teacher, but is scared. She actually says she has to go to the bathroom right before they jump in each time. Excuse! We have another week so I hope she gets rid of the fear. Keeping my fingers crossed!

 Big girl!! She was swimming all by herself.

Goings on

I realized that it had been a while since I posted an update. We have had a lot going on and been out of town. Finally, we are staying put for a while. Believe me, we are all happy about that. Here are a few things we have been doing over the last few weeks. So far we are having the best summer! Hope you are too!
Lu put on a music show. If you notice each animal has an instrument. She was lead on the harmonica.
 Wally loves his food. He get pretty loud when he sees it coming!
 Momma M and Grandaddy came for a visit!
 This guy is about a week away from crawling. He rocks back and forth and scoots backward.
 He usually ends up under the couch. Still happy about it.

 We got a bunch of these sunglasses from the Target $1 section for the fourth. Lu decided to see how many she could wear at once. Silly girl.
We painted our toes teal to remember our friend Elliot who recently passed away from ovarian cancer. One of her friends is putting together a book of everyone's teal toes. What a special gift. She was an amazing person that will be very missed.
Reynolds starting using Lu's old trike for walks. He LOVES it! Look at that guy!