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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girl's Trip

This past weekend some of my fav girls and I met up in Grayton Beach. We had a BLAST! We haven't all been together in 4 years. Way too long! We had a lot of wine, sun, and laughs. Oh yeah, dance party USA on Saturday night. We ate a great dinner at George's in Alys Beach. The food was great. The beaches looked pretty good, minus the seaweed. There were a few tar balls, but nothing major. I miss my girls already. Four years is definitely too long. Can't wait to do it again!!!
I look a little large in this pic. I think I caught a gust of wind.

Me and Sam-bone
The tar balls that she collected.

At George's for some grub

Sweating our hiney's off at Bud and Alley's. So worth it!

35 Years

Happy Anniversary to my parents. They just celebrated 35 years of marriage. Wow! Thanks for being a great example. Congratulations!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great Father's Day weekend. Phillip got to do everything that he wanted to. It started on Saturday and we went to the pool for a while. It was so stinkin' hot that the pool was a great refreshment. On Sunday we woke up and went to church. We ate lunch with our friends from church and then headed to the Naval Air Station Museum. Lu loved to look at the "papas" (planes) and to play pilot. After a HUGE grocery trip we came home, relaxed, and Lulu watched some golf with Daddy and then we had breakfast for dinner. Pimento cheese omelets to be exact. Delicious! All of this followed by a little ice cream. It was the perfect weekend for the perfect Daddy! We are a blessed family.

Pool time. LAS looks mad, but I think she had some sunscreen in her eyes.

On to the Air Museum...
Playing with guns and bombs.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Our little Maverick!

I made Phillip wear my glasses. Top Gun!
Then we watched golf on our pallet in the den.
Even Lu helped make breakfast for dinner.

Friday, June 18, 2010

15 Month Check Up

Poor baby had to have her 15 month check up today. She actually did great, even though this picture would say different. She is such a big girl now, and even stands up on the scale by herself. Lu is still a little thing coming in at a whopping 21 lbs 4oz, putting her in the 30%. She measured 32 inches and is in about the 80% for height. I don't know how she is so small, the child eats like a horse. She also runs wild, climbs everything, and is pretty much non-stop. That probably has something to do with. The doctor says she is great and has more vocabulary than she should at this age. She really does talk a lot! Lu also got two shots today. She did great and didn't even cry. For being such a good girl Lu got a popsicle. It was a great visit!

This is just a scale, don't be scared.

Waiting for the doctor to come in and check us out. (Mouth full of crackers) We even colored a beautiful picture.

My first popsicle from the doctor. I think I'll go back!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing Dress Up

When we went to my parents' house the other week my mom gave me some of my old dance costumes. They are so old, but in pretty good shape. I thought it would be fun to keep for Lu so she could play dress up. Tonight she found them and wanted to try some on. She actually wanted to put everything on at once. Mom also found some of my old clothes from when I was about Lu's age, including a very worn "I Heart NY" shirt and a rockin' 80's shirt.
Baby loves New York!
Rockin' the 80's look. I am thinking Madonna for Halloween this year. Wish you could see the splatter paint under the mesh. So hot!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in ATL

When spent the weekend in Atlanta visiting with Phillip's sister, Bess and her husband, Jason. We had a blast. It was a ton of fun. Not only did we get to hang out with them, we got to see some of our favorite friends! We went to a great breakfast Saturday morning and then headed to the Georgia Aquarium. It was so awesome and Lu loved it. After the aquarium we went to Ikea. I had never been and was dying to go. So wroth the trip. I wish there was one closer! Lu fell asleep and poor Phillip carried her most of the time we were there. My friend Megan met us there and then hung out with us for a while. Awesome! That night we went to a cookout at my friend Kara's house. She was a sorority sister and bridesmaid in our wedding. Love her! It was a full day and a blast. Of course Lu wore another themed outfit for the aquarium. Seahorses this time. :)
Enjoying her morning coffee with Uncle Jason and Aunt Bess. If you are in Atlanta make sure you eat at West Egg. It is so yummy.


She really loved this part. So did the adults.

Lucy really liked watching the sting rays swim by. Aunt Bess showing her what to do. This was right before the pacifier fell in. She thought it was hilarious.

In the gift shop we ran into our old neighbor in Pensacola. What a nice surprise!

We spent hours in Ikea and then we all went to lunch. Lu loved visiting with Meg!

Me and Megan! She is the best!

Uncle Jason is a great musician and Lu loved to dance to his songs. He also taught her how to play the guitar. It was really cute.

Then we went to cook out with Kara and Kris. It was SOOO much fun. Unfortunately I only took the one picture. Thanks for having us.

We has an awesome weekend! Thanks for letting us crash your place Bess and Jason.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Haircut

Thursday night we headed to Birmingham. Phillip had a meeting Friday morning so Lu and I tagged along. I think we were there for about 12 hours total. We are trying to sell our house, so there is a lot to do. Since we left after he got off work, we had to stop for a quick dinner. What better place than Waffle House. Lucy is a big fan.
First Waffle House experience.
Friday we spent most of the morning at the house trying to take care of a few things so it will sell. Let's just hope it sells fast! Then, I took LAS to get her first haircut. She barely has enough hair to cut, but they have this cute kid's salon and I was dying to take her there. They definitely talked about me when I left. She did great and didn't fuss one bit. Very proud of her.
Seriously, where is the hair?

The smock says "Sassy Diva". Kind of appropriate.

Even got a blow dry. She wasn't quite sure about that.

After our haircut we met Meredith and Margaret Anne for a quick lunch. Lucy is saying cheese, but I don't really know who she is saying it to. It was fun to see those girls!!

Then I dropped some magazines off at the Congleton's. Christian (middle) just had her tonsils and adenoids out. Mommy needed some reading material.
We then headed to ATL to visit our sis and brother-in-law. Lu was either tired of listening to us, or it was too bright. Either way this is how she slept for part of the trip. Crazy girl!