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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mrs. Claus

Today we went to the library to see Mrs. Claus. I always get a little anxious before taking her to the library because she is a little too high energy for her surroundings. I gave her a good talk before we got there and then again when we were inside and she did great. First we had a surprise visit from Silly the Clown. Lucy actually really liked her, especially when she brought her dog out. She did some magic tricks and sang a couple of songs. Then Mrs. Claus came with her elf. We got to go before the school group that was there, which was good. We weren't going to last much longer. I didn't think that Lu was going to sit in Mrs. Claus' lap, but I told her should would get a sticker and she ran right up to her. Lucy told her she wanted a hat and a dog. When I asked her if she wanted a big or a little dog, she said "Daddy." This is so typical. Everything we do is for Daddy. When we play, we always include Daddy, so of course if we could have a dog it would be a Daddy dog.

Silly the Clown We wouldn't take the hat off inside.

Mrs. Claus and her elf Sitting on Mrs. Claus' lap. Still can't believe she did it!

Then our friends came over for dinner. I made butternut squash soup and it took all day. I hope everyone enjoyed it, because I won't be doing it again. The Lucys ate a great dinner at their very own table.
Such big girls!


Anonymous said...

Frn your a terrific mom!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaa Gaa

M. Congleton said...

how cute are they sitting at her table eating!