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Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Want To

This weekend our AWESOME friend, Gina, came to town. We have had such a great time with her. We got all dressed up and went to see Santa one day. Lucy was pretty excited about it and was planning on telling him she wanted a sucker for Christmas. Then, we saw him. I had to sit with them because Lucy was not comfortable with sitting on his lap. She cried the whole time. Santa never heard her say that she wanted to get a sucker, so I guess we will see. Gina and I did some shopping and we got to go to dinner. Sunday we went to church, where we joined, and then to New Orleans for the day. We saw our good friend from high school, John Mark. We have had such a good time. Lucy LOVES some Gina. She has had such a blast.
Sorry they are sideways. She seemed ready for Santa.

Then it was our turn. She was not too happy about it! She said "No want to." This is her favorite thing to say when she doesn't want something.
So cool playing with Gina in the car.

Phillip felt really bad about having a baby on Bourbon Street, so we left. Good idea!
Eating beignets with Gina. This is her cheese face. It looks like she is not happy, but she is.

Gina, John Mark, and Me. (The prom date '98, whoop whoop)

Lucy loved playing with Gina's scarf. She wanted to wrap it around her like this. She is so funny.

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kristen said...

Love Love LOVE that picture of her wrapped up in that scarf!!