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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discovery Zone

Today I took Lu to a children's museum near by. Well, it actually is about an hour away. It was fun. I had heard about it and have been wanting to take her. It takes her a little while to warm up to things, but she really liked it. I think we will have to go back. We didn't last as long as I wanted, but this Mom got hungry!

The bubble room was a hit!

This girl loves trains!

Future doctor, maybe?

or cashier? She liked that just as much.


Susannah said...

That is AWESOME! Is it in Bham? Emma would LOVE the bubbles and the train thing.

How are you feeling? Baby boy will be here soon, huh? Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Those places are always a good time for the kids. Looks fun.

Gaa Gaa

M. Congleton said...

That place is GREAT! How much fun:)