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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cookie Monster

Today was Lu's first day in her new class, the Cookie Monsters. In this class she will have two teachers and more friends to play with. They have a gerbil and fish and lots of activities. I have been pretty nervous about her switch because she loves her other teacher Ms. Sarah. She did great though and walked right in and washed her hands and sat down and played play dough. I was so happy. She is usually a crier, so you can imagine my excitement when she did that. I'm sure the play dough helped. We have been talking about it for a while and trying to get her excited.

Ready for her first day...

She was pretty excited! When I picked Lucy up she had a good report. No crying all day and she said she had fun. She ran straight to show me her picture that she colored. Then she showed me around her classroom. Instead of eating in their class, they go to the cafeteria. Such a big girl. Instead of sleeping in a crib, they sleep on nap mats. She seems a little tired, so that might take some getting used to. I hope next drop off goes as well as today!

Showing off her artwork.

and she showed off the class pet.

1 comment:

M. Congleton said...

She looks precious! Glad it was a good day!!!