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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Lot of Catching Up to Do

So, I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. Well, 1) it was Thanksgiving and we were gone for a week and without our computer 2) my friend Gina was here the next week and I just didn't do anything 3) our computer is on the brink of dying and everytime I try to do something it takes forever! I going to catch everyone up on all that has been going on the best I can. I won't bore you with words and just get to the good stuff. I am starting with Thanksgiving and working my way up. Please don't stop reading, I promise to be better.

First Auburn Basketball Game: Using the clapper: War Eagle! With her Aunt Molly

with Aubie and Pops
Her favorite Tiger
The fam at the game

Thanksgiving Day: Beautiful tablePhillip?Nice leg. Are we at the fair?

Post meal. Thanks for the help guys. Don't worry, we got it.

Auburn vs. Alabama:

Tiger walk
When the cheeleaders came by they all gave her a high five. It was so cute!
Love this pic of Aubie!
Fun day with the family!
Our friends Jeff and Lisa brought their son Keller over to play. They had that cute tiger beanie made for Lu! He is adorable!
We also put up the tree. Weird picture.

Some one is very interested.

LAS has outgrown the bath duck, but sure thought it was a great toy to climb on. She thought she was very funny!
Ok, so I almost have everything. I am going to take a break. I hear some one starting to stir.


Rebecca said...

Greta pictures!

Rebecca said...

So spelled "great" wrong on last comment - my fingers were too fast. What I meant to say was....Great pictures! :O)

Laura Jaquith said...

Yay for the update. Looks like you guys have been very busy. She's getting so big! Is she walking? Is the sleeping getting better? Glad to see all is well.