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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 Months Old

Wow! LAS is 9 months old. I can't believe it. She is so full of personality and is just as sweet as she can be. We went to the mall today for a little Christmas shopping and at least 4 people came up to us while we were eating telling me how cute she is and what a happy baby she is. They are right, for the most part ;) . We just need to get this other top tooth through and we will be back to normal.

You are 9 months old and this is what you are doing:

* You have taken 3 steps.

* You have no fear.

* You love to see your daddy walk through the door!

* You got your 3rd tooth on Dec. 4 and are getting the 4th any day.

* You love to cuddle.

* You are pretty much done with baby food and are eating most of what we are eating.

* You love to eat and like everything!

* You love Cheerios.

* You love your teddy bears and give them hugs and kisses all of the time.

* You love to push your little car around the house.

* You sleep much better. Most of the time you sleep through the night. Thank you!

* You have had one ear infection.

* You go to music and gym classes once a week.

* You love music.

* You can clap, wave goodbye, and give a high five.

* You have been to two Auburn football games (not actually inside) and one Auburn basketball game.

* You still love bath time and are now in the big tub.

1 comment:

ml said...

I miss you Lucy! Happy nine months and Margaret Anne really wants to play with you over Chrismas! Love you!!