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Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm Weather, Finally

The weather has finally warmed up. I hope it stays that way for a while, not too hot though. Since it was finally nice enough to get outside and enjoy it, we headed to the zoo. Lucy likes it more and more each time we go. We stayed a long time, too long actually. We are working on two weeks without our pacifier during the day. I haven't mentioned it, because it didn't want to jinx it. It has gone really well. Sassy stays in the bed and if she wants it she has to be in bed. She was very addicted to it, so I was nervous. Knock on wood, it has gone great! But, a tired girl, past her nap time, in the car, no pacie: NOT FUN! We made it and I didn't give in, so I know next time will be better.

Lucy and Calvin posing in front of the tiger. They are flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding in April. Won't they be cute!

Smart girl. She had Calvin pushing her around the zoo.

Then they checked out the flamingos. Don't you wish you knew what they were laughing about.

Then Daddy had a photo shoot when she got out of the bath. This is one of our favorite times. She is usually really happy!


ben said...

any particular Dora or Seuss books needed by the birthday girl? don't want to get one she already has.

Anonymous said...


you are doing such a great job with lucy! i love you both so much! can't wait for more!!

Anonymous said...

We need some new pics.

Gaa Gaa

Hope you're feeling better.