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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vet School Open House

Today we had a special visit from Momma M and Grandaddy. To say Lucy was excited would be an understatement. We got up and went to the open house held by the vet school at LSU. It was really cool. There were tons of animals everywhere. You could see where they performed surgery, treated animals, and lots of other things. If your child, or you, love animals it is great. The kids could also bring a stuffed animal and have the doctor treat it. It was too cute. We met our friends there and the kids really had a great time!

The Lucys loved the bunny rabbits. That is one of my Lucy's favorites.
We saw a lot of dogs and Lucy was not afraid of one of them. If they would have licked her on her face every time, she would have.

She did not like the cows.
But, can you see why? I stuck my had in a cow's stomach! In his actual stomach. I'm so glad that I did. Sometimes you just have to do it. (I really look puffy.)

We loved the horses!

We loved the calf...this one is only 2 weeks old. So cute!

Oh...and the mini horse. I could have taken him home. Lucy and Lucy talked to the goat for a while.
Then we visited the dog in rehab. Maybe if I got in there it would help with the puffiness.

And of course... we saw Mike the Tiger. I can't wait to take her to it next year!

1 comment:

M. Congleton said...

FRRRRRAAAAANNNN.... I CANNOT BBBEEEEEElieve you stuck your hand in a cows tummy!!!! Gross!!What did it feel like?
Looks like a fun day