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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Zoo Makes Me Feel Better

It turns out LAS had Roseola. It is a virus that starts with an extremely high fever and is followed by a rash when the fever breaks. She fit almost all of the symptoms; lack of appetite, fussiness. She is much better now and finally slept through the night again last night. We haven't had much sleep since last Thursday. S o Saturday night we just hung out. It was a great family night. Playing with her friends.

Drinking through a straw! I am so excited that she has learned how to do this. Although that is 100% juice, wired.
Eating a popsicle to make her feel better.
We skipped out on church Sunday, because I didn't want Lu to be around the kids in the nursery, and we went to the zoo. It has just reopened and we have been excited about taking her there. On the way we stopped by our friend's house who just had a baby last Monday. We picked up the big sister and took her with us. The new Mom and Dad needed some rest, not sure that they got any though. Gracie was so good and we would be glad for her to join us any time. We had a great time and I think Lu really liked seeing the animals. She would just point and laugh at them. She especially loved to watch Gracie feed the ducks.
She wanted to put on Daddy's shoes. All ready for the zoo.
Gracie sharing her animal feed with Lu. Gracie loved to feed the goats.
We loved the giraffe.

Riding the train.
The chimps would do sign language back to you.
Sunning hippo.


Laura Jaquith said...

Poor Lucy! I'm so glad she is feeling better. Looks like the zoo was a blast. I just bought our membership to the one here and can't wait to go. Don't you love spring?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lucy was so sick. I know it must have been a long weekend. Looks like the zoo was the perfect thing to do. Hope Lucy is on the mend and you guys are getting caught back up on your rest. Miss ya.

Gaa Gaa