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Friday, March 19, 2010

One Year Check Up

Since LAS was sick last week, we had to reschedule her one year check up. We went today and everything looked great. She weighed 20lbs 6 oz and is the 50% for weight. She measured 29" long and is in the 50% for height. Her head also measured in the 50%. All in all she is right in the middle, average. I am fine with that. Last appointment she was 25% for weight and about 80% for height, so we have made some changes. Lu got two shots and Dr. B said she only has three more to get. The doctor also felt around in her mouth and her molars are almost all in. I literally said a prayer and asked God for all of her teeth to come at once, because I was so sick of not knowing when they were coming and the horrible time it gave us. Well what do you know, she has had about 7 teeth come in at once. Long story short, don't repeat my prayer. It is not worth it!
Waiting for Dr. B to come check us out.
Exhausted after 2 shots and missing a nap. She was like this before I left the parking lot of the doctor's office.


Laura Jaquith said...

Great stats! I can't believe she hit 20 lbs by her first birthday. I remember talking about that and we both thought our girls wouldn't do it so soon. I hope Haley can catch up too so I can turn the carseat around. Her stats may be average, but she is way above average with everything else. You have such a great little girl!!

M. Congleton said...

What a big girl sitting front-wards in her car seat!!

Susannah said...

Wow, seven teeth! I cannot imagine! I bet she has been a crabby patty! We still have no teeth-:D

Anonymous said...

Poor little thing looks so exhausted. I'm sure the shot things are always a tough thing to watch. At least most of them are over and you have a beautiful healthy Lucy!

Gaa Gaa