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Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Cool for My One Year Appointment

Well, we were supposed to have our one year well baby appointment today, but Miss LAS decided to get a 103.8 fever last night. We went to the doctor today and, instead of shots, the doctor just checked her out. Everything looked good. No ear problems, throat problems, or chest problems. They said that it is probably just a virus and to come back Monday if the fever is still there. So, instead of going to my parents' house this weekend, we will be taking it easy at home. It is amazing how much energy she has with that kind of fever. Today it was still 102. Since we didn't get the full visit I don't have all of her stats, but I will put up what I know.
Getting some fresh air on her bike. She really thinks she is hot stuff and wears the glasses the entire time. Phillip and I gave her the bike for her birthday. It converts into a tricycle later. She absolutely loves it!
LAS you are 1 year old and this is what you are doing...
* You weigh 20 lbs 4 oz.
* You face forward in your car seat.
* You climb on everything!
* You walk/run everywhere you go.
* You can walk backwards and spin in a circle.
* You love to eat cheese, fruit, raisins, mac and cheese, waffles, and mini pancakes.
* You are trying to figure out how to use a fork. (We still have a little while to go.)
* You have started scrunching up your nose and making a mean face.
* You have about 10 teeth. We thought you only had 6 and then all of a sudden there they were.
* You are in a size 3 diaper.
* You wear a size 12 months clothes.
* You love to put on your shoes and carry things like a purse.
* You LOVE your baby dolls. You like to feed them and give them your pacie.
* You laugh a lot and love to be tickled.
* You have started sharing, a little.
* You can say many words; Dada, Momma, dog, eyes, sassy (pacie), juice, baby (kind of)
* You point at everything!
* You are beautiful and very loved by Mommy and Dada.


Susannah said...

Oh my gosh, Lu looks sooo cute! I love the sunglasses! Where did you get the bicycle thing??

Laura Jaquith said...

I love the pics and I LOVE that bike! She looks like she is having a blast. How sweet. Such a beautiful, big girl.

Anonymous said...

Missed you this weekend. Hope Lucy is feeling better.

Gaa Gaa

Becky said...

I hope she feels better soon. She looks adorable.