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Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Subscription is Here

For Lu's first birthday Momma M and Grandaddy gave her a subscription to Baby Bug magazine. It is so cute. The pages are really thick so it is very hard for her to destroy too much. It is filled with adorable little stories. The best idea. I brought it in from the mailbox and handed it to LAS and she sat right down and "read" it. She really did. She opened it right up and carried it around all night. I recommend it. It would be a great gift for a child. Thanks Momma M and Grandaddy, I will enjoy reading for a long time!
Showing off her magazine.
She can read in any position.
Listening to Mommy read.

Oh, she really enjoyed some orange slices the other morning. I thought this was cute.


Susannah said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! I love her toting it around! Emma can destroy a junk mail mag in 2.5 seconds! IT's hilarious to watch! It buys me about 5 minutes of doing something! How many teeth does Lu have? When did she get her first one?

Anonymous said...

What a neat gift. I bet she likes getting her own mail too. Enjoy the books Lucy!

Gaa Gaa