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Monday, March 8, 2010

Party Like You're One

Our cupcake is turning one!
Saturday was Lu's first birthday party! It was a blast. She had so many friends and family come and celebrate with her. The kids were all so great. I don't think I heard any cries or saw any tears. They all played really well together. We had plenty of food and cupcakes, which I was worried about. (People don't rsvp anymore, evidently) I did make the banner. I got the idea from here. It is just card stock and scrapbooking paper. You just buy the bag of letters. I did make the giant cupcake. It is just regular icing, no candy shell. (Thanks Laura for having that much faith in my cooking abilities! HA!) I did also make the cupcake that fit over her high chair. That was very easy and I just used felt that I got from JoAnns and a hot glue gun. I think it cost about $7 to make. I love sharing these ideas with you guys. I never think much of them, so I am glad you like. Who knew I would be domestic and crafty. I sure didn't think I would be making a high chair cover and giant cupcake when I was hanging out at Bodega back in the day! The birthday girl!

All of the kids playing! Everyone was so good!

Pinata time!

We tried to teach her to blow out her candle, but it didn't work. Mommy had to help.

Daddy got in on the cake too!
Tooting her horn. Thanks Christian!

Loving her doll from the Congletons.
Thanks for driving all this way. You guys are the best friends!!!

My Aunt Angie gave her the coolest candle. You burn it every year until you are 21. I think she is going to really get excited about this tradition.

This is what I used to make her giant cupcake. I borrowed it from Mallory. I just used a box of cake mix and regular icing. It was super easy.


Stephanie Day said...

precious! happy 1st birthday, lucy!

Laura Jaquith said...

Wow! Everything looks so great. I love the banner, the smash cake, the tutu, and the highchair! Lucy looks like she had a blast. Did you do the smash cake yourself? How hard was the candy shell? I may have to copy you on the highchair. I was wanting to put something behind Haley for pictures, but didn't know what. Where did you get the felt? You did a great job!! I can't wait to see more pics.

Susannah said...

Oh, sweet angel in that tutu eating that cake! I want to hug her! She is so precious! I love the Happy Birthday banner, did you make that? YOu shall have to do a lesson on that-I would love to do that for Emma's birthday. And, give up the scoop on the adorable cupcake-how was that achieved? :D Looks fabulous!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! Soooo cute! You did a great job with the cake and she looks so sweet in her tutu outfit. Can't believe sweet girl is one. The party looks like a huge success!!!

LG said...

What a CUTE party! I can not believe Lucy is already 1! dang! I agree about the RSVP. I am hosting a wedding shower Sat. and tons of people did not bother to RSVP. (rah)
I must know where I can get a cool candle and cake pan like that STAT!

Denise Scroggins said...

Love it all!!! Fran, you are so crafty! I am very impressed! I especially love the banner! I am so sorry we missed it, but it looks like you all had the BEST time. I can't believe Lucy is one. Time is going by way too fast! She is such a doll!