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Friday, March 26, 2010

Aint No Teeth Gonna Get Me Down

Lu has so many teeth coming in right now and she is not handling it very well. We were supposed to go to the zoo today, but because she was crying for nearly 12 hours straight I decided not to do that to myself. We did go outside for some fresh air and that seemed to help. Daddy met us there and she got really excited to see him. There was another little boy on the playground and she kept following him around and trying to give him hugs. I had to keep pulling her away. Daddy does not like that she is already chasing boys. I did make the first move with Phillip, so she could be taking after Mommy. Yikes! She has a HUGE personality. I love it.
Out of the entire playground, she wanted to play with the keys.

She really liked feeding the duck her cheerios. What a big girl!

Ooohh! What is this?


Susannah said...

Yeah, I think Emma is getting teeth now! Her nose is running like a faucet and she is stuffing everything in her mouth! And she is grumpy and crying a lot! What did you do for Lu??? What can I try to help her? Any advice? PS send me your address and let me know how much you want for the dress-I really will pay whatever you like! Include shipping too-obviously!

Anonymous said...

Poor little thing. It must hurt something aweful.It's hard to believe she will have that many teeth so soon. It's a lot, isn't it? Hope the worst is almost over.
Have a good day.

Gaa Gaa