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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go

Today Lu had her first East Egg Hunt. My Friend, Janet, and I set up a hunt at a local park. A couple of our other friends joined us. All of the kids were pretty young, so we didn't think they were going to jump right in there and get the eggs. LAS did get the hang of it though. We have been trying to teach her how to put her toys away at home and I think that helped with the putting the eggs in the basket thing. It was so fun to watch the kids. We had a great time. Mimi and Pops were here this weekend to help. After the hunt we went to Bass Pro Shop to get our picture with the Easter Bunny. She had the same reaction to the bunny as she did with Santa: shear terror. We ended up taking a family picture because she was not having it. I guess she has an aversion to grown men dressed up in costume. Can't blame her. Then we headed to Fair Hope for lunch and to walk around. What a great town! We had a blast today!

Oh! There's one.

In the basket.

All of the kiddos.For some reason she loves to sit on Oliver's lap. The poor boy. He is never going to be able to walk if you keeps doing that! She backs up with her bottom poked out and takes a seat. It is hilarious.
With Pops.

Screaming with the bunny. Not a problem last year; she slept through it.

Dad and Pops thought it was funny to watch her dance on the bar. Not funny. Daddy is really encouraging her.
Here is Lu showing off her egg collection...


M. Congleton said...

Love the pic of Lucy as a new baby with the Easter bunny! So sweet.

Stephanie Day said...

she is just too cute!

ml said...

That pic of you and her is SO cute! She is precious in her bubble suit, and it looks like she got the hang of egg hunting better than Margaret Anne!

Rebecca said...

Ollie got to hang with a the chics...haha ok that was lame, but he was surrounded by girls :O) They all looked adorable!