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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We attended a beautiful service on Sunday and then had a pretty relaxing day. Lu loved her Easter basket. She got really excited to see it and go through everything inside. Her Great-Grandmother gave her the beach chair and she loves to sit in it. She also loves to carry it around the house, which is not an easy task. It was a lot of fun watching her get excited! She fell asleep on the way home from church so we had to stay in our church clothes for a while in order to get some Easter pictures. It is hard to get pictures when it is just the two of you. Like on our honeymoon, there is a picture of Phillip standing by something and then a picture of me standing by it. It looks like I went to Jamaica alone. Anyway... hope everyone has a great week!

Wow! Look what the Easter Bunny brought me.

Trying out the beach chair.
Timer photo on the hood of a car. That is why it is crooked and everyone is doing something different. This was the best one.
Running wild.

They were giving each other kisses. So sweet!

She hates dirt on her hands. She wanted me to get it off.

Aunt Bess and Uncle Jason sent Lu an Easter surprise. She wore the shirt all night. It says "This is how I roll" and has a tricycle. So cute!

Loves to make a seat out of everything these days. At least it keeps her occupied while I cook.


ml said...

Lucy looks so cute and her dress is gorgeous! Her hair is getting so long!

Susannah said...

So cute! I love her Easter dress, it's stunning! I got my dress yesterday-we love it!!!!!! I may try to pull it off this week in Bham if I can-the check is in the mail. I am sending 25$. Please let me know if that isn't enought to cover shipping and the envelope. :D

The Skippers said...

Sus that sounds great. I hope that you like it.

Anonymous said...

More Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaa Gaa