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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of My New Favs

1) Excuse me, but have you ever seen a cuter bathing suit. So what if it cost more than I would pay for my own. So what if Daddy didn't want her to wear a bikini (easier to change a diaper). So what if you aren't from the South and don't 'get' the importance of a smocked bathing suit. Surely you can agree that it is possibly the cutest you have ever seen.

2) Memories! I took my whole year of blogging from 2009 and put it into a book. This blog is a way to share pictures of our life (Lucy) with our family and now we have it in hard back. Thanks Mal for showing me this. I hope that I can do this for many years to come and keep a good record of our life. It was so easy and not really expensive. I think that it turned out great. The pictures are a little small, but that is the only complaint. I made mine here.

You can pick your cover and the color.

To quote Will Smith "Summer, Summer, Summer Time...Let's just sit back and unwind"


Susannah said...

LOVE the suit, Emma just got one too, but I didn't think about the dang diaper changing!

I love the blog book idea too! I shall have to visit that site and make one too!

Laura Jaquith said...

That is a SUPER cute suit. She is going to be so cute swimming this summer. I love the book too. What a great idea.

LG said...

That swimsuit was a great "investment" I love it! and that book is a great idea! thanks for sharing

LG said...

PS I cant get that link to work :( where did you make your book?

Anonymous said...

Such a cute suit and love the book.

Gaa Gaa