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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's long and skinny and orange all over?

LAS eating carrots... and pulling for Auburn.
We moved on to carrots and it was a success. Is there anything this girl won't eat? You would think she weighed more than she does with the way she inhales food. She is willing to try about anything, which really frightens me to think of her teenage years. I made these carrots using my wholesome baby food recipe. Easy! I think they turned out a lot better than the squash. It seemed like she may have had a little trouble digesting the squash. Does anyone know if that happens when they begin real solids? I have been trying to switch up the veggie colors so LAS doesn't change color. Too much orange= orange baby. Supposedly my cousin turned orange from eating too many carrots when he was a baby. Can you picture an orange Will? Those Clemson fans will do about anything for their team. If you know my Uncle Warren, that doesn't seem too extreme. Now that's some team spirit!Initial reaction was not positive.
In the end, we cleaned our plate. And made a mess.

It was also game day. Lu wore her new Auburn outfit that Mamma M and Grandaddy bought her. I went and got her a cute bow to match. One of my best friends, Amy, drove over and helped me pick it out. She's awesome!! I am also going to post a video. Warning: I look like an idiot and it proves that all sanity goes out of the window when you have children. Please ignore all 5 chins that I have. I used to have about 10, so we are improving.

Giving me kisses.I also bought these shoes when I got her bow. I can't wait for her to wear them!

Please don't judge me. My dignity left with my placenta. Daddy thought we needed to record this insanity. Anything to make her laugh!


Some Like it Southern said...

Such a cutie in her Auburn outfit and cute bow!!
Loved the chear! =)

ml said...

Wow! Lucy is precious. And Fran, all I've got to say about the cheer is that I am SO glad Hays never got any of our crazy antics on video!

Jeanna said...

My gosh, she is cute Fran. I think we're gonna be in P-cola Georgia game weekend (for a little b-day beach bash). Kelly will be there with me. Will you? I would love to meet Lucy and finally get a present to Lucy. (I already took one back b/c I never got it to you.)

Anonymous said...

Pops says send Oxygen for Fran
Hollywood for Lucy Anne

LG said...

OMG Fran! You are hysterical! Great video! Also love those shoes you bought her!

Lauren said...

Fran - this is hysterical. I LOVE it! Lucy is so precious!! I love when she claps and bounces along.

Leslie said...

She is a cheerleader in the making!!! Just love reading all about your life with LAS.

Bryan said...

Hey Bryan here. Fran that is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. You were histaricle and Lucy is the best Auburn cheerleader i have ever seen.

Kathleen said...

My mom and I just watched this and lost it!! Too funny! Everyone says hi!