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Friday, September 18, 2009


Last night we moved on and tried something new for dinner...avocado. She loved this even more that the squash. She was reaching for it, wanting more. She pretty much ate half of one. I did have a few bites. She is going to be like her parents and love some Mexican food! We'll try another night of this and then maybe something orange. So far so good. She is definitely getting up on her knees. She will be on the move soon.


the baileys said...

fran, she is adorable! i love seeing her get bigger & bigger. we miss y'all too! when are you coming to bham again?

Natalie McGough said...

Hey Fran, you don't know me, but I know Phillip and you've met my grandmother (Virginia Reeves) and my aunt (Ginger Webster) at your wedding shower at Ginger's house: ). I found your blog through Kristen's blog. Lucy is adorable!!! I remember hearing that you were pregnant, congratulations to you and Phillip. I know she is such a joy. Y'all can keep up with us if you want...our blog is, maybe when we move back south we can meet sometime in Abbeville: )!

Laura said...

Gosh I'm constantly jealous of how much faster Lucy is progressing than Haley. Haley still hates oatmeal and I once tried avocado to see if she would like that at all (and she didn't). I think that Lucy was sitting up when she was Haley's age and I so look forward to that part, but we aren't there yet. I know that every baby does their own thing, but I would love if both of those things would come our way. You are doing such a good job with her!!