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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Star

Today was a pretty big day for our LAS. One- she realized she can kill the drums. Just like her mommy for those of you who attended our wedding. We will try the bongos when she is little older. Two- She said Momma!!! I don't think she realizes exactly what she said, but she has said it several times since. Phillip was so excited, although he has tried for a while to get her to say Dadda first. What do you think about this... an old wives tale says that whatever word they say first is going to be the sex of your next child. Another girl? Can Phillip handle all of these emotions? Ha! I guess we'll see, but not any time soon. Lu really did love banging on the pots. Anything that makes noise is fun for her. I captured some of it on video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


M. Congleton said...

How cute and fun!
I believe the wives tale. Christian said mama first and we had another girl!
Phillip get ready....

Some Like it Southern said...

Look at her go! I am so happy that I got to hear her say "Momma!"
Maybe ACE will get better at the drums and then they can jam together, haha!

Stephanie Day said...

I am so jealous she said mama! Cooper is 15 months old and still hasn't said it! Also, Savannah said dada first and we had a little boy next! :)

LG said...

LOL SHE'S got some swagger with her drummin too! VEry cute!
My nephew enjoys banging on pots. He is MUCH more aggressive (and loud) i will have to send you a video!