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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 Months Old

Today LAS turned 6 months old. I feel like I just wrote her 5 months stats on here. It is amazing what one month can bring. She is really moving and literally does something new every day. This is my favorite stage so far. I do think she is going to keep me very busy in the next few years. It is fun to see how her personality already has taken shape. Lu is very social. She loves other babies and just squeals and giggles when she sees them. She gets VERY excited about things and can get VERY frustrated when she can't do something she wants to. Phillip says that sounds a lot like me, well maybe. I think she is going to always keep us on our toes.

LAS you are 6 months today and this is what you are doing....

* You are sitting up by yourself for as long as you feel like.
* You are eating oatmeal for breakfast and rice cereal for dinner.
* You are putting your pacifier in your mouth all by yourself.
* You like to play tug of war with your toys (says your daddy)
* You are starting to get up on your knees a little and really reach for things.
* You really wanting to pull up on things and stand.
* When you stand you like to jump, a lot.
* Your favorite game is horsey on mommy or daddy's knee.
* You really want to play with the puppies, but they don't want to play with you. :(
* You smile all of the time.
* Your favorite time is when daddy gives you a bath. You love to splash.
* You like to play by yourself, but do miss it when mommy leaves the room.
* You put everything in your mouth and drool like crazy!

I looked over to find her pulling up on her Jumperoo. She was also trying to eat the bar.


angie said...

How exciting it is he is doing all those things. Enjoy and be thankful for every moment! She's just precious!

M. Congleton said...

I CANNOT believe that she is 6 months and how cute she looks in that bow!
That girl is going to be crawling/walking before you know it....whole new experience then~!!!

Laura said...

That is so amazing to see what all she is up to these days. I have lots to look forward to. She's such a beautiful girl! Her temperment sounds just like Haley's (so sweet but demanding).