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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion Trends: What will keep you HOT when the weather is cold

I just felt like making it a real fashion headline. Mamma M and Grandaddy, Phillip's parents, were here the other weekend and Mamma M took us shopping for LAS. They were way too generous. We basically got her winter wardrobe. Well, today Lu decided that she was not going to nap, even though she woke up at 3 am ready to take on the world. While we should have been napping, she tried on some of the things that we bought. I have been needing to do this to check sizes. We were able to get a couple of things on, and I think that they are going to fit great when the weather cools down a little. We also got some great colorful leggings to go under things, which I am super pumped about. There is just something about little ones in leggings. I think all of the modeling finally wore her out, because (knock on wood) she is sleeping right now. I thought I would share some of the things that LAS thinks you should have in your closet this winter. (if you are a baby) These all came from Gymboree.
Not her best pose.
Diaper Chic. I am ready for my close up.
The dogs were exhausted from being up all night too! They are ridiculous. I think they are probably happy it is not them having to get dressed up. Do your dogs sleep like this?




Some Like it Southern said...

I can't wait to see her in all those cute tights! Such a cutie!
Oh yes, my dogs sleep like that too!

M. Congleton said...

you know....they are taking short models this season of America's Next Time Model.....

the baileys said...

YES Grey sleeps JUST like that!

LAS is SO cute!

Laura said...

Hilarious!! I feel you on the late nights these days. It's not fun after you are used to them sleeping all night. I'm certain that Haley is getting a tooth (I've said this before and was wrong :)). Hope you get some sleep soon. Love the new threads!!