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Friday, August 14, 2009

Unbelievable Day

So Wednesday was a nightmare. I am trying not to complain, so we can just laugh about it now. Our little sweet Brooke dog is allergic to fleas and some how got them. We give her medicine, but I got the Hartz kind from the grocery store since I didn't have time to go to the vet. Don't do it. It doesn't work and the vet told me it has killed dogs and cats. Anyway, we took Brooke to the vet and she had hives and infected skin. She spent the day there. I felt bad because she was so excited to be in the car with LAS and me. Sorry. Taking a baby to the vet is not easy by the way. Well she came home with a lamp shade and flea and heart worm meds. We shared those meds with Barkley and the result was not pleasant. Barkley threw up everywhere, diarrheaed everywhere, threw up again, urinated on himself, then hid under the bed in LAS's room. I was terrified. He is my first born. Phillip wasn't home, but I called and he got there pretty quickly. Barkley is ok now. Still not really pumped about the baby. I think he forgets and then remembers and gets mad at me all over again. The fire alarm went off that night at 1:30 and we had to evacuate. False alarm. Then Brooke vomited in her lamp shade the next morning. Could this week please end. Here are some pics of my pathetic babies.


Laura said...

Aww Fran, that sounds just awful. It's hard enough to take care of a human baby that isn't sick, but two sick furbabies is terrible. I hope they get to feeling better soon.

LG said...

Oh.My.Stars>!! That is one H of a week ! My dogchildren had some similair issues this summer with rash, hives, etc. It wore me out both physically and emotionally!

ml said...

So sorry about all of the trouble this week! Lucy sure is getting big! Isn't it getting SO fun???!!