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Monday, August 24, 2009

Halloween Addition

Thanks for the suggestion Jeanna. I love the peacock costume. I have added it to my list to vote. Please revote. Don't be scared mom, we know you have a thing about peacocks. This one hopefully won't attack you! Thanks!


Some Like it Southern said...

I changed my vote but I still think she should be a poodle girl with a huge poodle skirt... =)

love the peacock though!

Molly said...

My vote is for the peacock!

Stephanie Day said...

I still love the little lamb!

M. Congleton said...

I think the peacock is adorable, but I still love the lamb!!!

angie said...

They are all adorable. I still vote for the giraffe. I'd save the peacock until she can strutt on her own.

chris said...

We vote for the lamb!

LG said...

Peacock! I have to change my vote! I love this one!