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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Saturday

Today was a great Saturday. LAS actually slept through the night. Maybe it was some sort of wake period like you said-Suze. I better not be too quick to say though. This morning Barkley had to go to the vet for his yearly. He checked out a-ok and actually was in a decent mood all day. LAS took a pretty good nap in the morning and then we went for a walk. Phillip and I wanted to test out the new jogging stroller. It is actually not new, but new to us. Works great, now if I could only start jogging behind it. You would think that the view would be some sort of motivation. I got to run some errands in the afternoon, alone! Who thought you could get a thrill from shopping alone in the grocery store. Amazing! Then we went to the pool. It was a full day, but a great one. Also, LAS has learned how to splash during her bath. This is one of her favorite times. We basically have to make her get out. Keep your fingers crossed she sleeps tonight!
Nice view...oh I mean the water ;)
She loves anything her daddy does and is very interested in him. He is pretty interesting.

Check out my first pair of crocs. She looks so cute in them.

The water doesn't stand a chance.


Some Like it Southern said...

We should definitely join the McGuires Running Club! We can put those jogging strollers to use, ha!

Love the video of LAS splashing! She is so cute!

Laura said...

Oh so cute in the tub. Haley is the same way about her daddy. He is the coolest guy to her. It makes me smile.

angie said...

Splish Splash I love taking a bath.
So cute!