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Sunday, August 16, 2009

MC Groupie

Our friend Michael sent us a video of him playing some of his music in a coffee house. Too bad he lives in Greenville, SC because he is awesome. Not to mention, LAS loves him. She was being a little fussy and when the music came on she was mesmerized. Please send a CD asap! Ha! She loves music and has some pretty good taste. I mean her first concert was Coldplay (in my belly). Michael's songs are beautiful and his voice is awesome. One day you will all be begging me to help you get tickets to his show. We better get back stage passes. This is my first attempt at posting video so let me know how it turns out. I can't watch it on my computer so I am kind of shooting in the dark. I put a still photo just in case it doesn't work.



angie said...

It worked just fine.

Lucy seemed to rnjoy it.

Laura said...

Cute! Sounds like she has good taste.