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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Farm

For Thanksgiving we headed to Southeast Alabama to celebrate with the Skipper family. We LOVE going there. Not only do we get to spend time with family, but we get to spend the day on the farm and just play all day. The weather was awesome and I don't think that we went inside the whole time. Every year there is a new addition, so the kids had a blast. This year we were missing two cousins because they are both having babies. Next year will be a house full. We just love going to the farm. The family is awesome and it is just so relaxing.
She had to get a little piano time in with Uncle Jason before we left. This was one of her favorite activities. Jason is great at playing. Spending time outside and riding the mule with Daddy. He said she kept asking to go faster.
We played in the leaves.

We road the power wheels. She LOVED this!

Phillip's cousin had a baby a couple days before, so some of us had a cigar to celebrate (not me). Welcome baby Whit!
Then we walked out to look at the cows. She didn't really like them up close. She actually just wanted to go see the dogs.
Then it was time for the hay ride. She loved it. We sang Christmas carols and looked at the stars. It was so much fun!

Showing some major love to her cousin. So, Lucy may be a tad bit aggressive. I did kiss Phillip first. I guess she gets it from Mommy.

The cousins. Lucy is itching to hold that baby, but waiting very patiently.

The Skipper family!

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