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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for Friends

We had a great at Thanksgiving! We even got to see our awesome friends, Meredith, Hays and Margaret Anne. It is always fun to go to Phillip's family's for the holidays and a bonus is getting to see the Latimers. Now the girls are old enough to play together, which is so fun to watch. They basically ran around Meredith's brother's house like wild women. It makes me sad that we aren't closer and that don't get to do that more often. One day! We sure miss these guys. Her brother and sis-in-law are always so nice to let us crash for a few hours. We love seeing them too! Their family is a ton of fun and her brother has quite a jean collection. Miss you guys!!!
Fast friends! Mere, Me, and Sandi

Lucy had fun trying out the horse. She was a little wild with the thing.

We love you, even if you are a little odd. :)


ml said...

Just got on the computer and saw this post! LOVE it and miss you guys!

LG said...

LOL hilarious! I love it! I also love Lucy's dress!

Stewart said...

How cute and fun!!! What is it with the bearded men? Stewart has decided to sport a beard as well!
Hope all is well with you guys!

Love ya,