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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Phillip's Birthday was HOT!

Today was my amazing husband's birthday. He is officially well into his thirties. We took a day trip to the Tabasco plant on Avery Island. It was really great! The scenery was beautiful and the plant was pretty cool. It was a perfect day trip, only about 2 hours away, but on the way back traffic on I-10 was at a stand still and we almost never got home. We were one of the few people that thought visiting the plant would be a grand idea, which is funny because this kind of think always happens to us. We have been talking about going for a while and I am so glad we did it. The day was perfect. It is amazing what they can do with Tabasco. They produce about 40,000 bottles of the stuff a day. Each pepper is hand picked, smashed up, and aged for three years before it is actually turned into the sauce. This is also the only place it is made. I totally recommend the tour to anyone that is close by. When we got home we played at the park and ate some Mexican, always a good birthday choice. I was out of candles so we opted for a tea light to put on top of the cupcake. Hey, it worked. Happy Birthday to the best Daddy and husband around!
Welcome! Us and one other car decided to take a tour today. More people eventually arrived.

Phillip tried the Tabasco ice cream and I tried the Tabasco Coke. The ice cream wasn't for me, but the Coke wasn't too bad. Lucy disagreed with the Coke. Her reaction was hilarious!

Happy Birthday Phillip!!!


Laura Jaquith said...

Lucy's expression is priceless and I LOVE the tealight on the cupcake!

M. Congleton said...

Happy BDAY Phillip!
I love Lucy's face and the pic of her and phillip sitting at hte table with her little legs crossed!
I haven't talked to you in FOREVER! We haven't slowed down until the nasty stomach bug, ear infections, and sinus infections hit us! UGH!

kristen elaine said...

Happy Birthday Phillip! What a fun day!