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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Strike a Pose

A couple of weeks ago we had some family pictures taken. I am sooo happy with how they turned out. It is exactly what we wanted. I thought I would share some with you. If you live in the panhandle or will be visiting you definitely need to look at Mirabel Photography. They are the nicest people and we really enjoyed working with them. They are extremely reasonable and, as you can see, take amazing pictures. Here are some of my favorites.


Stephanie Day said...

those are great, fran! i love them all! :)

Natalie McGough said...

I love all of your pictures that you had taken. Lu is so cute and getting so big. I especially love the picture of your waists down..very cute. Hope y'all are doing good.

Lauren said...

those are amazing! i love the one where she has her hands up in the air. great pics.

LG said...

those are amazeballs! Love them!

Susan Stabler said...

Oh wow, these are GREAT Fran. My favorite is the one of yalls lets agains the brick wall. Neat. We just had Colt's 6 month pictures too. I'll post soon!