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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catchin' Some Rays

Today Lu and I met some friends at "Mommy Beach." That is the nickname for a little area of beach on the sound that doesn't have waves. It was great! Let me just tell you that my child has no fear. She held my hand until we got to the water and then let go and walked until she went under. I let her get her head wet and she was absolutely not scared. I can't decide if this a good thing or bad thing. Her head went under the water a couple of times and the only time she fussed was when we had to leave. Do beware that in the water are little fish that continuously bite you. I felt like I was getting one of those weird pedicures where the fish eat off the dead skin from your feet. A couple of times I actually jumped and yelled, because it hurt. Also, a few swans swam up. Not really something you expect to see at the beach. All in all, we had a great time and are pumped to do it again; maybe tomorrow!
Ready to go.

I would hold her out of the water by her feet. She LOVED it!

Chillin' with her pal Anderson.

The swans, or duckies, as Lu likes to call them.


Susannah said...

Too cute! I wish we lived closer to the beach!
I got your email comment! I would love to meet up-I hope we are home when you are coming? Do you know the dates yet? Send me your email addy please!

M. Congleton said...

how fun!
I definitely want to go there when we come down. I'm a little less daring then Lucy and might not get in if there are fishes biting!!! Is it weird to have swans there????
Also- I love the mini chair....where did you get it?

the baileys said...

oh my gosh, Lu looks so cute in her little chair!

Laura Jaquith said...

That sounds like a ton of fun. You are so lucky to be able to do that! I'm jealous. Love the pics of her in her cute suit!

LG said...

That looks pretty awesome! Super jealous we live so far from beach!