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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bounce With Me

Yesterday we tried a new fun place, In Motion. It has a couple of bouncy houses and toys for the kids to play with. It is pretty new and still needs a little work, but the kids loved it. I am so glad that Lu is old enough to play in the bouncy houses now. She loves them. Falling down and bumping into things doesn't seem to bother her too much. We might try this place again this summer. Got to think of some things to keep us busy!

Look at all the fun to be had.

Bouncing in the jump castles with her friends.


Susannah said...

Sweet Lu, looks like fun! I am with Laura this weekend and told her I was mad at her for never introducing us in college-I think we would've been fast friends! Too bad you live so far away-it would be a good time with all of us together with the boo boos! :D

Laura Jaquith said...

Oh, that just looks like a blast! Lucy is such a daredevil so I bet she loved it.