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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Have You Seen What the Lu is Cookin'

We surprised Lu with a new kitchen this weekend. We were going to wait until Christmas, but I found this REALLY good deal on this kitchen, that I love, on Amazon. I love it because it is wooden and RED! Isn't it cool. Phillip and his Dad did a great job putting it together for us. Lu pretty much hasn't left the kitchen since she saw it.
We also went to a family wedding this weekend where we were able to practice our dance skills. We basically had to drag the child off of the dance floor. At one point, the lead singer was singing to her. It was hilarious. She provided much entertainment, even scrapped her knee from all of her dancing.
With Dad at the wedding.
Cuttin' a rug on the dance floor.

And then, for some reason, she thought it was hilarious to put her blankie over her head and walk around and walk into things. We just don't question it anymore.


Laura Jaquith said...

Cute kitchen. I can just picture her dancing up a storm at the wedding. I also love the blankie story. Who knows why they do some of the things they do?

LG said...

She is so cute in her wedding outfit! and she is gonna be a dancer like her momma!

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is really cute. What's her favorite thing to make? I'm really gonna miss seeing you guys. I love it when little kids get their groove on and dance up a storm. It's so fun to watch and I'm guessing she's quite the ham bone.


Gaa Gaa

Rebecca said...

I LOVE that kitchen set!!!