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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Great Weekend for a Mother

Saturday we woke up and got our things together to head to the beach. No oil yet, so we thought we better take advantage of it while we can. Sure hope they can figure things out before that nasty stuff makes it to our shores. Lu does not love the sand. She was actually kind of prissy about it. Daddy worked really hard to make us a sand castle. I think that she will warm up to it. She eventually liked the water, only if Daddy was holding her. The waves scared her a little bit. The last time she saw the ocean she was only about 4 months old, so, let's be honest, she doesn't really get it. We do look forward to taking her much more often.

Daddy was working hard.

She finally got up enough nerve to go check out the water.

Not really liking the sand.

After the beach we cleaned up, ate some lunch, and then got ready for a birthday party. Our old neighbor turned one. They had a fish fry and a ton of kids for Lu to play with. We had a lot of fun. Sure wish we still lived over there, minus the tiny house. Merritt was ready for cake!

Birthday boy and his bubbles.Playing on the putting green. Daddy was proud!
Then we went and had ice cream. This was the first time we have taken her for ice cream. She just had some of ours and REALLY liked it. Don't think we should make a habit of it, but I do look forward to taking her again.
She even had on her ice cream outfit. How appropriate!


LG said...

Happy Mothers Day Franny! Looks like a fun weekend!

M. Congleton said...

How fun to just 'go' to the beach for a few hours, then go home.
Cute pics of Lulu.

Anonymous said...

Love the reaction to the ice cream and what a cute ice cream dress. Looks like a fun time at the beach too.

Gaa Gaa

Anonymous said...

The new look of the blog looks great, babe! - phil