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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick and Easy

Here some quick and easy things I have done recently for LAS. Yesterday I mad some applesauce. It was really pretty easy and actually tastes good. Phillip's sister, Bess, made me think of that movie with Diane Keaton "Baby Boomer". Do you remember that movie, I loved it.
Here is how you make the applesauce (even if you don't have kids):

1. I used 5 apples

2. Peel the apples, core, and slice them

(You have to get the apple slicer! It is so easy and saves time.)
3. I put them in a vegetable steamer until they are soft

4. Then I just put the softened apples into a food processor until desired consistency

5. You are done. Very simple and very good.
* You can add cinnamon for flavor

She even helps with the dishes. She gets a gold star on her chore chart!

I also made her a little shaky toy. They have them where I take her for Mother's Day Out. It is a cheap toy that they love! I used an empty Clinique container and put some pasta in it. I also hot glued the top on so it won't come off. It works best with a small bottle and especially small Gatorade bottles. They can hold those really easily. You can put about anything that makes noise in there rice, pasta, bells, etc.


Anonymous said...

Stop being cheap-ass parents and buy your daughter a real toy!

Laura Jaquith said...

I have been putting applesauce off because I was afraid it would be a lot of work. You have motivated me though. I'll try it next week. What a good idea for a toy. I know that Haley would much rather play with anything other than a toy that we bought for her (i.e. a brush, a pen, tupperware). Go figure.

Danielle Atkinson said...

Dear Anonymous...they love the home-made toys better than anything from the store. Get a life!

Janet said...

Dude- I am laughing at Anonymous. That is awesome!

(By the way, if you need help tracking that person's ip address, I can do it. That way you know exactly where they are. It could come in handy. :) )