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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Legs and a Baby Break

So now that LAS is on the move, big time, I thought she needed something to protect those precious, plump legs. I got her some Baby Legs. They are basically leg warmers and are too cute. I got these at Target, but you can get bigger sizes and really cool designs at
She did not seem to mind them. I just wish they had them in larger sizes for me. I think I could rock the leg warmers!

Today was Lu's first day at Mother's Day Out. I am taking her to a church and she goes on Tuesdays from 9-1:30. I really wanted her to be around more children and, I am not going to lie, a break for me isn't half bad. I really like the place and I think she did too! I was very surprised at myself though. I dropped her off with no problem. When I got in my car and looked in my rear view mirror and saw an empty car seat I started to tear up. I missed her so much. I definitely did not expect that because I had been so excited about cleaning my house. (I know, that is truly what I was excited about.) I called Phillip and he told me to be a big girl, so I went to Starbucks and got a coffee and was fine. I did keep looking in the backseat wondering what she was doing. When I picked LAS up she was so happy and her teachers said that she did so great and was a happy girl. That made a happy Mommy. Now, how long until next Tuesday!?!

I look over to find her banging the CD on this bowl. Sorry Daddy.

Her first day of school. This is not a lunch box, but it looks like one and I thought that would be cute for her first day of school picture. It actually holds her diapers.

This is what happened when we got home from school. No stopping, straight to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Leg warmers were a grest idea. I was worried about her getting little rug burns. She looks cute in her crocks. Wish she could tell you what she did in school.

Gaa Gaa

Some Like it Southern said...

The dress is adorable on her! So happy that you both did well with her first day of school!

Natalie McGough said...

Thank you for commenting on our blog. I'm like you, it's fun to get comments and feedback. I like having a new friend: ). I used babylegs on Emma Raines and they were so cute and added to what ever outfit she was wearing. I've never put Emma Raines or Tucker in a Mother's Morning Out, we don't have those up here in Vermont, but when we move back to B'ham I'm putting ER in pre-school. I'm so excited for her to be around other children and get instruction from someone other than me. Maybe I'll put Tucker in a MMO so that I can have a little break...I think I'll be in need of one by then: )!! Hope y'all have a wonderful week. If y'all want to come and visit VT let me know, this weather might be a fun change from beach weather: ).

LG said...

I love babylegs! I wish I had been the woman to invent them!

Lee and Suze said...

I love, love, love the baby legs! I had no idea Target had them - hooray!! Miss you guys :)

Kara said...

So cute. Aiden is in MDO two days a week, but I pick him up early so he can come home and NAP LIKE THAT! :) It's been good for him to prep for a sibling this way and gives me a few hours in the morning to get some errands done (baby-free)...though I agree, every time I look back and see the empty car seat, I have to look away or else the tears are there before I can say "aww..."

Oh, and the hot air balloon ride is Saturday...please pray for NO RAIN! Will let you know how it goes!

Stewart said...

It looks like she had a great time at school since she immediately fell asleep when you got home! It sounds like it will be great both for LAS and mommy! She is beautiful Fran!

Love ya,